Nic's Vacuums and Small Appliances has been at this location since 1961.  Nicolas Deroche started repairing appliances for neighbors and friends out of his garage.  Nic was so good at it and people loved his Belgian charm.  As the word spread, business boomed.  He outgrew his garage and 216 Del Mar would become Nic's Vacuum and Small Appliances to this day.  In 1975 Nic sold the business to his brother-in-law Ray Dekens, who had a special way with people.  With a little help from Nic, he became a master in the field of small appliance repair.
In 1989, Ray sold the business to the current owner, Jean-Louis Denayer.  Ray taught Jean-Louis everything, from how to change a belt on a vacuum, to silver soldering a belt buckle, as well as how to make a customer smile.
As the owner of Nic's Vacuums and Small Appliances, Jean-Louis values the experience imparted and education taught by Nic and Ray, which has proven invaluable in the everyday sales, service and repairs.  Since everybody's' carpets and floors are different, I strive to provide our customers with the best vacuum, or floor cleaner for their needs.

Today Nic Deroche lives in Carmel, CA and is doing very well. Ray Dekens passed away in 1999 and is missed very much.